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The Align Flight Academy (AFA) Pilot-In-Training fee varies. Our program is designed to provide professional fight instruction from Alan Szabo Jr, Ben Storick, Colin Bell, Darrick Chekas, and our Friends (other Professional RC Pilots) to those Pilots-In-Training looking for one-on-one RC helicopter instruction.

There are several ways to reduce each Pilot-In-Training fee when scheduling an Align Fight Academy with Friends session in conjunction with a FunFly. Class sizes can be adjusted to reduce the cost to each Pilots-In-Training. Our goal is to help individuals who seek professional instruction and to assist the local RC Club or FunFly. We are confident the final fee for the AFA delivers a professional personal experience at the same time giving back to the RC helicopter community.

We work closely with the onsite event coordinator who is assigned the responsibility to ensure the necessary items; such as, work area, power, charging facility, fuel (nitro), flight area, etc. are available upon arrival.

Each Pilot-In-Training must complete an online Align Flight Academy Personal Information Form to provide necessary information which

allows the Align Flight Academy to individualize instruction to each student's specific needs and wants.

For additional information or to schedule the Align Flight Academy for classes before a FunFly event or for private RC helicopter flight lessons, contact us by calling 480-243-7138.

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The Align Flight Academy is a must attend for all skill levels. With no local clubs in my area supporting heli's this class was a must. The class fees were well worth the information provided and more. The ratio between students and instructors was very good; all students had ample time to ask ques... Read More


I really enjoyed taking the class with the Align team. After an initial assessment, they helped identify areas that I needed to improve on and continued to work with me throughout the entire class period on not only my flying skills but tuning tips on my helis as well. The team has a great dynamic... Read More


This flight school exceeded my expectations by a large margin, the Align folks were relentless and worked extremely hard to make sure it was a great experience for everyone who attended. They were brand agnostic, and they were focused on making sure everyone got plenty of attention regardless of the... Read More


Gale and Alan really have a knack for finding your weaknesses in flying, identifying them, showing you so you understand, and work on strengthening those weaknesses. I am still working on maneuvers and disciplines learned from this class. This is well worth the money! This was my first time buddy... Read More


I highly recommend attending the Academy to improve your flying skills, learn setup skills from the pros, and support the hobby in general. Our instructors (Alan Szabo Jr. and Ben Storick) were amazingly patient and adaptable to our diverse skills and needs, and the organizing team kept everything... Read More


As the organizer of my club for this class, I found Gale and his team from Align easy to work with in planning for this class. They handled the registration details, and everything proceeded smoothly up to the day of the course. As a class participant, this is the best money I have spent on my heli... Read More